Sunday, 2 August 2009

The winner of Eulda "The European Logo Design"

Logo name: Consumer Society and Citizen Networks

Nation: Serbia

Agency: Jovan Rocanov (Serbia) for Kaffeine Communications (Kiev, Ukraine)

Designer(s): Jovan Rocanov, Anna Timkov

Client: Consumer Society and Citizen Networks

Description: Logo for the Consumer Society and Citizen Networks (Ukraine). The idea was to show the protection of the consumers in the simpliest way. The solution was to combine a well-known symbol of the market/consumption such as the bar code (which graphically looks like the rain) with an ordinary umbrella (symbol of protection).

I like the use of negative space for this logo, the curved line of the barcode made it look like a regular umbrella to show the sign of protection, and also technology, this has been done by using some simple lines in black and white.