Thursday, 8 October 2009

Emiliano Godoy

"I consider design a tool to renew our production and consumption structures, a way to change unsustainable patterns of product development into a sustainable innovation process." said Emiliano

Another amazing furniture designer, Emiliano Godoy, from America.

His work isn't as "Organic" as the ones in the previous blog, but most of them are also made by wood.

In the first picture, it's one of Emiliano's recent work, the "drip table", I love the cobbled together feel of all the bits and pieces of saplings and the different wood tones you get from each piece. I definitely wouldn’t mind sitting down to a meal at this table.

He's works are stylish, and very comfortable to look at. The varietions of using wood to design furniture, you need to be creative as there are a lot of restrictions in such a design, such as it's colour, how strong the wood is and how far you can bend it.

And take a look at his other designs.

Organic Furniture

I have a soft spot for furniture that feels both organic andwoodsy and industrial or edgy at the same time. Here are some incredible furnitures made by designer Bram Hendriks.

Bram Hendriks is based in Holland, he creates beautiful wooden furnitures that features natural details like live moss on bark and industrail decorative details like screws arranged in a studded fashion.

Organic is definetly the key word in our next 10 years, as everyone is talking about chemicals and how its bad for our healths, it's important for us to live more naturally, so less plastic, less added chemical. Bram is doing just what we needed, and these furnitures look good as well, so why not start this trend by changing the little stuff at home, such as a little chair or cabinet, the shape of his furnitures are just brilliant, just like bringing the whole forest back into your room.

And here is Bram's website.

Desktop wallpaper

Here are some interesting desktop wallpaper designed by artist Lena Corwin.

These wallpapers are based on the designer's passion of travelling, I like the colour used for her wallpaper as things are comfortable to look at, maybe it's becasue there are lots of empty space on the wallpaper, but isn't that just what you want for a desktop background? nice and comfortable that makes you relax, after typing a 2000 word essay or spending 3 hours editing pictures.

There is a calendar and non-calendar version, in different colour, both colours are comforatble for our eyes to look at. I like the doodles and the items she has chosen to illustrate, you can tell that each one of the items has it's own value and have been thought before drawing it down on the wall paper. I would rather use this as a wallpaper, than a photograph of someone or illustration of a cartoon character.


Shanghai now is a big city in China, Asia, and the whole world, lots of major fashion shows, head offices, and exhibitions take place in this city. It is such a fast growing area as the place was nothing like it is now 100 years ago, which means theres is a lot of cultural change in the people, buildings and designs.

In this blog entry, I'm going to show you the architectural difference between old Shanghai buildings and the new ones, as you can find massive towers in the city, but there are also poorer areas with houses that does not look as attractive, but they do have some historical values in them.

Shanghai mixes East and West culture, and walks through the city never fail to turn up something unusual and unexpected. With at least 20 million people spread across miles and miles of high rises, walk ups, and old buildings from the Shanghai’s pre-Revolution days, the city is one for the urban explorer. So it only follows that artists of the singing, playing, painting, writing, and photographing kind have often made Shanghai their muse.

A little geography: Shanghai is divided in two large sections separated by the Huangpu River and known respectively as Pudong and Puxi (literally east and west of the river). I’ve spend the past four years in Puxi and I say without a doubt that it is definitely the superior side (some say it’s PuYork versus PuJersey.) Consequently, this guide deals mostly with Puxi which is the older, more diverse part of the city. I’m arranging this guide (roughly) based on the districts where each place is found.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Brian Reyes Condoms

The designer of the condom package is called Brian Reyes, he painted some style on safe sex, with a new condom outfit based on his 2010 Resort collection.

Designing condom package by fashion designers is a new try, the graphics on the package looks quit emotional, but the size of structure of the box is similar to regular condom boxes, which is also boring.

they are available online at

Paul Smith Evian Bottle

Paul Smith has collaborated with Evian to design a limited edition glass bottle in vibrant colours - with a nod to the famous stripes.

Paul Smith is a famous fashion brand, with its trademark stripes, and colourful fashion items, it brings a different look and energy to the Evian, which is a brand that sells bottled water. The multi coloured bottle will have five different coloured caps to be collected by those Paul Smith fans.

The bottle comes with a very clean design and features the signature colors of the designer, along with his signature. The bottle is now available at finer food stores.

A new way to drink tea

This is a new design of tea cup and filter, it is made by designer Vuk Dragovic.

The teacup is made up of two hemispheres. Between the hemispheres is a thin net which prevents the tea leaves from entering the cup. While the aroma from the tea leaves is mixed with hot water, the cup is covered with the top hemisphere, preventing the aroma from evaporating into the air.

After 3 minutes, when the tea leaves have released their flavor, the tea cup is ready to be flipped 180 degrees and the leaves will be separated from the tea. All that is needed is one hand movement in order for the leaves to be separated from the liquid, in other words, for the tea to enter into one hemisphere from the other without spilling.

This is quite creative as drinking tea is traditional thing, Vuk is bringing a new dimension to it. Although I think that using the normal method would be more convenient and easier, but why not try something new.