Thursday, 8 October 2009

Organic Furniture

I have a soft spot for furniture that feels both organic andwoodsy and industrial or edgy at the same time. Here are some incredible furnitures made by designer Bram Hendriks.

Bram Hendriks is based in Holland, he creates beautiful wooden furnitures that features natural details like live moss on bark and industrail decorative details like screws arranged in a studded fashion.

Organic is definetly the key word in our next 10 years, as everyone is talking about chemicals and how its bad for our healths, it's important for us to live more naturally, so less plastic, less added chemical. Bram is doing just what we needed, and these furnitures look good as well, so why not start this trend by changing the little stuff at home, such as a little chair or cabinet, the shape of his furnitures are just brilliant, just like bringing the whole forest back into your room.

And here is Bram's website.

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