Tuesday, 6 October 2009


XFUNS is an art journal from Taiwan. It releases every month and I always buy it when I go back to Macau. It introduces artists from all over the world, with interviews in Chinese and English.

It does give me a lot of inspirations and new ideas, as it introduces artists in all areas of design, such as illustrators, photographers, graphic designers, product designers and webpage designers etc.

When I am stuck with my work, and running out of ideas, I always look and read this kind of magazine to refresh my mind, as these books tell me how other artists think and how they get inspired, their method to produce their work, it does help you a lot, so every time that I get feded up with my work I will take a break and read the articles inside, as they are only few pages long, with pictures, it is good to see more of other artists work anyway.


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