Thursday, 8 October 2009

Emiliano Godoy

"I consider design a tool to renew our production and consumption structures, a way to change unsustainable patterns of product development into a sustainable innovation process." said Emiliano

Another amazing furniture designer, Emiliano Godoy, from America.

His work isn't as "Organic" as the ones in the previous blog, but most of them are also made by wood.

In the first picture, it's one of Emiliano's recent work, the "drip table", I love the cobbled together feel of all the bits and pieces of saplings and the different wood tones you get from each piece. I definitely wouldn’t mind sitting down to a meal at this table.

He's works are stylish, and very comfortable to look at. The varietions of using wood to design furniture, you need to be creative as there are a lot of restrictions in such a design, such as it's colour, how strong the wood is and how far you can bend it.

And take a look at his other designs.

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