Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Jan Vaca

Another photographer, Jan Vaca, from prague. Jan is a photographer / journalist, so some of his works would be related to politics, the society and maybe war, which also means that he doesn't take photographs on a commercial basis.

Below is the "Usti-Aussig" series from Jan, they look very emotional, it was developed during the period between 2000 -2002, and it chronicles the emotional experiences that leave indelible tracees. Usti nad Labem is a town in northern Bohemia wiith a history similar to other medium sized towns in central Europe, before the second World War started, many Czech citizens left in the town, due to their fear of the Nazi regime. they were soon followed by the local Jewish population.

All of these people left traces in Usti nad Labem, regardless of theri nationality, so Jan has chosen the pictures of those people who lived in there between 1939 and 1948, and stolen their faces. They all belong to those streets, and they are still present there.

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